About ScrappyMom

I am mom to 4 young 20-something adults. I thought when I had 4 children under the age of 6 that mothering couldn't get any more difficult. Boy was I surprised when I discovered that although my children are now adults, mothering them from a distance is even harder. My influence on them is different, even diminished. It can be heartbreaking, but it is also full of pride and joy. Three of my kids live in different states than I do, one remains at home as she tries to figure out her life, where she wants to go and how to get there.

So Far Away

My son is so far away from home. He moved to the DC area to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity. Obstacles and disappointments have surrounded him since his move as the job has not materialized as promised. However, he is able to see God’s hand in directing his life. That has given his dad and me a great deal of solace as we see our little boy becoming a man after God’s heart.

One of the most difficult things about my adults (I guess I can’t really call them children anymore, can I?), is the physical distance between us. Just this week my son experienced an earthquake and now he is hunkering down for a hurricane! He was born in the central rust-belt area of our country where thunderstorms and maybe tornado warnings are the worst weather events we experience. My mother-heart wants to protect him from these things still, but that is not what he needs. It is times like this that it is hard for me to let him go.

I used to say my goal in raising my kids was to work myself out of a job. It seemed so pithy and glib to say that when the kids were little. Ha! I’m finding it’s not so easy to be laid off from this particular job.