About Drama Mama

My God is bigger than any problem I can create for myself... there are four of them, and they are all bigger than me (13, 14, 18, 23). My amazing husband says we are only having three... unfortunately I like them all too much (usually) to give any of them up.

First Day of School…

Remember the first day of school?  Shiny faces, shiny notebooks, shiny photos by the mailbox?  Or, for you home-schoolers, the traditional jeering from the window in our pajamas as the shiny bus kids walked by?

Not this year.  This year, I was 4,000 miles away.  On Thursday, two public schooled kids left (late) for middle and high school, on their bicycles in 90* weather, with sandwiches in their pockets and wearing God-knows what, carrying last year’s binders in their brother’s old backpack (or something like that).  The college freshman took their pictures in the garage – for that grainy look, obviously – and no one is sure what the teachers think.  No one is asking.

The college students might have some of their books, and apparently attended some classes today.  Fr’sh made and forgot a lunch, and then sat around campus for four hours waiting for his third class of the day… which was canceled.  He did not get his I.D. sticker, and he did not check to see if the missing book might be at the library.  He did ride home in 90* weather.  Re-Fr’sh (the graduate starting his second degree) worked, schooled, rehearsed, worked again, and then came home.

I am so glad no one needed me.  It is horrible that no one needed me.  You be the judge.