Rude People, Be Gone!

This morning I went for a walk with a friend, like I sometimes do on Mondays. As we were walking out my front door, we were talking and I inadvertently locked the door, although I didn’t have a key on me. I realized it just as the door shut tight.

Thankfully it was a clear, fall morning, so we started off on our walk anyway, and I sent Daisy a quick text at the high school, to see if there was any way she could be dismissed long enough to come let me in with her key. I knew Jed was in meetings all morning, or I’d have phoned him. Daisy’s school is only a couple of miles away, so at most she’d be out of school 20 minutes.

She texted back a few “hahahas” and then said it was no problem. So I phoned the school and somehow ended up being connected to the office of the school guidance counselors. I quickly (and a little breathlessly) explained my situation, and asked if Daisy, a senior, could be dismissed for a half hour at most. My request was met with silence.

“Hello? Are you there?” I asked. Back came the very unfriendly voice of one of the guidance secretaries.

“Is it an emergency?” To which I responded that yes, I was locked out without key, purse, or anything besides my cell phone. I then went on to say that I had texted Daisy in class to make sure she wasn’t taking a test or something.

More silence. Then, “They are not supposed to be texting in class.”

REALLY? THAT is your response? I was a bit dumbfounded, so I just sort of mumbled that yes, I knew that, but, well, hmmm.

She then transferred me to the Attendance Office, where I again explained my situation, to which the kind lady chuckled and then promised to send Daisy home right away to rescue me.

Now I ask you, why did the first lady have to be so mean? When Daisy got home about 10 minutes later, I told her the story of the mean guidance secretary and told her I hoped I hadn’t gotten her into trouble. Her response? “My teachers don’t care, as long as I’m doing my work. Don’t let it bother you, Mom, you should have told her off!”

Understand that I work at that school quite often as a substitute teacher. I have had two children go to that school, one who graduated last year, and one who will graduate this spring. Daisy is very involved and I’d be shocked if the secretary in question doesn’t know her personally; she probably knows who I am, too.

I understand rules, but legalism has no place in my life or the lives of my children. As much as I’ve appreciated so many things about this school, especially the many wonderful teachers, I will be so relieved next summer NOT to have to deal with ridiculousness like this any longer.