Public Notice

to whom it may concern:

Until further notice,

I am no longer available

to handle any personal crises that are not my own.

If you have an early morning crisis, please do not wake me.

If you have a mid-day crisis, please do not call and ask me to drop everything and join you in crisis mode.

If you have an evening crisis, please remember that no brain activity occurs after 8 PM. Even if I were available for crisis management, my contribution would be of minimal value.

I have worked hard to avoid constant crisis in my life and I expect you to do the same. 



2 thoughts on “Public Notice

  1. Boy, do I get this. And it reminds me of the sentiment: “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

    • Exactly! I’ve said those exact words so many times this past week! “And that makes this MY emergency, HOW exactly?”

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