Re-Learning how to Cook

When Jed and I first got married, I could cook scrambled eggs, terrible dried-out stir-fry chicken, and my specialty was carry-out. Also known as take-out. Or fast-food.

Over the years, I learned how to cook, but it was an uphill battle; one that I fought every step of the way. I find it a little sad that only now am I finally beginning to enjoy cooking. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t imagine that I’ll ever love it, and I’d rather die than watch a cooking show, but I like putting yummy things together that my family enjoys.

Yet, it seems that just as I was getting the hang of it, Rocky left for college. Sure, that only took us from 5 to 4 people, but he usually ate more than the rest of us. Suddenly we had way more leftovers than we’d ever had before.

I adjusted. We ate less, but food prices went up, so the grocery bill didn’t change.

Go figure.

Then Petunia left for college a month ago. At about the same time, Daisy started taking on more hours at work. She works evenings at a local pizza place, so when she works, she just eats dinner there. And even when she’s not working, she’s often out with friends or at school activities.

Now most nights I cook for 2, which I find harder than cooking for 4 or 5. And I’m tempted not to make anything special, when it’s just the two of us. French toast, scrambled eggs, mac-n-cheese. And sometimes leftovers. Or sometimes I experiment, which usually isn’t a good idea.

But the really neat thing is that regardless of what we have for dinner, it’s become a very special time for me and Jed. We recently put away our huge, farm-style kitchen table, and now we’re just using a little café table that suits two or three of us just fine. Especially JUST the two of us. We’ve been putting on various types of music, depending on our mood, dimming the lights, lighting a candle, having wine, and sitting very close while we dine, as if we’re in a café in Paris or Madrid.

And then little Daisy breezes in from work and the mood is lost.

Haha. But NEXT year…