Biting my Tongue from Far, Far Away

My little gal, Petunia, has been off at the college far, far away for 2 weeks and hasn’t made any friends. Sure, it’s only 2 weeks, but knowing her, this is how it will be. She spends her Saturdays alone (though she doesn’t complain) and she will probably spend Labor Day alone.

If I asked him, her big brother Rocky would get together with her for meals or whatever – they do so a couple of times/week… but it’s not his job to be her friend. She has GOT to make the effort to find her own friends and not depend on him. He’s been so sweet to her and has gone above and beyond what I expected him to do – he’s made me so happy and proud. And he’s also concerned that she doesn’t seem to be getting out there.

A good thing – she adores her classes and profs. She joined a couple of clubs which start this week. And she gave her name to a campus ministry group, so surely they’ll be calling her to come to Bible study or something. She also signed up to be in a big group that goes to the football games together but last night was the first home game and she didn’t go – because she didn’t have anyone to go with. But she didn’t ASK around. Not even on her dorm floor.

I’m biting my tongue, unsure how much to stick my nose in and advise, and how much to let her do it her own way. I’m erring on the side of caution because she’s apt to shut me off if I bug her too much.

Good grief, this is hard. What’s a mom to do?

I once heard a pastor say that when we pray and give something over to God, are we really giving it to him, or are we just worrying in front of him so he can watch? I am ashamed to say that I often do the latter. I’m GREAT at giving God advice. I’m sure he’s so grateful for that.