Empty Nest, I see you up there, waiting!

When Jed and I got married, we had a ready-made family, as my then four-year-old son was obviously part of the deal. Consequently, we never had that time alone where it was just the two of us, which so many couples enjoy.

Over the years we’ve taken trips and had getaways, but we’ve rarely just had the place to ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve enjoyed our children immensely. We homeschooled and took family trips, we’ve gone to all the sporting events, choral presentations, awards banquets, and church Christmas pageants. We’ve taught our kids everything we know, and then some. We’ve savored our time with them.

But while we will miss their smiling (usually) faces around the dinner table each night, we also feel a bit like an engaged couple eagerly anticipating the honeymoon.

Our youngest is a senior in high school, so this time next year, in all likelihood, she will follow the path of her brother and sister, and go to college far away. This grieves us. But we also can’t wait. Such conflicting feelings.

The bottom line is that the kids SHOULD grow up and move away. It’s what we’ve raised them to do. In fact, we even made the huge mistake of telling them they could do anything and go anywhere, which might have something to do with the fact that the older two are in school nearly 3000 miles away.

But the marriage will go on. This is as it should be. And oh the fun we’ll have once they’re all gone…!!

One thought on “Empty Nest, I see you up there, waiting!

  1. We had a summer of just-the-two-of-us and I was surprised at how much fun it was! Not that I thought we’d have a BAD time but I was pleased with how much we enjoyed just hanging out by ourselves. Of course, our chicks DID come back to the nest, so now it’s not empty anymore….

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